Hi! I'm Jason. Aviation is my first love. Before baseball, and before my passion with music (I'm a drummer), there was aviation. As a child, my wall was covered with posters of military aircraft. The annual MacDill AFB airshow was the highlight of my year. My toy chest was filled with die cast airplanes and I even used my mom's banjo case as a makeshift aircraft carrier flight deck. I was the kid who would convince my parents to drive past the the local airport if we were anywhere remotely close. I would watch Top Gun and Iron Eagle only to fast forward through the scenes that didn't show them flying. I joined the Navy's aviation field JUST so I could have the opportunity to work on an aircraft carrier. And I also earned my private pilot's license. Today, you may even find me and my wife on a "cheap date" watching the planes at Tampa International's parking garage.

I love anything to do with aviation and the opportunity to photograph it. Everything from a portrait session with your beloved aircraft or some detailed photos for selling your plane. Maybe you're a flight school who needs some updated shots of the rental fleet or an FBO staff wanting some corporate photos. Maybe you know somebody in the aviation industry who'd like to be interviewed and featured in my blog. Have another idea in aviation you'd like photographed? We'll get that done!

Please do not hesitate to contact me! An opportunity to work for you would be my pleasure!