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Ten Months of Progress

Looking back on 2019, I never imagined my aerial updates of Iron Gwazi would get as popular as they have. What started out as my own curiosity at the beginning of the year has turned in to something that a decent amount of people look forward to. Originally, I was just going to do one a month. Then it turned into twice a month as construction picked up. Once the viewership and interest grew, it has since turned in to a weekly update. I live very close to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay so doing this isn't that difficult. I'll continue the update until the official opening. Here we are, ten months from the first time I launched my drone to get that birds-eye view of Gwazi / RMC Gwazi / Iron Gwazi. Watching the transformation of that site become one of the most anticipated new rides of 2020 has been very exciting. Through the posting of the photos on Reddit and social media, I've also made a couple of new friends. Some of them I've met while at the park and a few more I talk to frequently on social media. I'm sure once Iron Gwazi opens and the masses make the pilgrimage to ride, I'll surely meet more of them. If anything, the best part about this year has been watching the excitement build through these aerial updates. Thank you to everybody who's shown me nothing but support through all of this. And now the before and after! Here's the 1st and 30th updates, from February 10th to December 23rd. With that, I hope everybody has enjoyed their

The first aerial. February 10th, 2019

The final aerial of 2019 on December 23rd.

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